Adelaide Fabrication Services

Adelaide Fabrication Services has the expertise to carry out a variety of specialised and highly-skilled welding techniques on a wide range of engineering and structural materials either at our Port Adelaide facility or on-site in any metropolitan or regional location
Fabrication & Installation
Repairs, Refurbishment & Maintenance
Welding Supervision & Inspection
Experienced Key Personnel
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Fabrication & Installation
Adelaide Fabrication Services
can perform all types of fabrication using mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium:

  • structural steel
  • tanks and hoppers
  • platforms and walkways
  • safety guards and enclosures

Adelaide Fabrication Services has particular expertise in:

  • pipework
  • pressure vessels

We have approved weld procedures and experienced welders able to work with a wide range of alloys and steel types

Adelaide Fabrication Services has completed various pipe spooling contracts from 1000NB to 15NB in carbon and chrome moly steels, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex steels, and aluminium and titanium alloys

We have the capability of producing approximately 800 - 1000 meters of pipe spooling per week

Repairs, Refurbishment & Maintenance
Adelaide Fabrication Services
can perform all types of repairs, potentially saving costly plant shutdowns or the expense and delays involved in replacing critical components

Welding Supervision & Inspection
Adelaide Fabrication Services
' qualified welding supervisors can help you set up your own company procedures to:

  • carry out difficult weld operations
  • test the competency of your own welders
  • perform welding inspections to appropriate standards

Experienced Key Personnel
Adelaide Fabrication Services was founded in April 1994 by Alan McKinnon and Brett Kelly who each have more than 30 years' experience in specialised welding and metal fabrication:

Alan McKinnon is one of the directors of Adelaide Fabrication Services and takes an active role in management, operations, sales and supervision at all levels

As Managing Director, he is responsible for labour hire and supervises field operations

Alan completed a four year boilermaker/welder apprenticeship at Whyalla Shipyard and then spent 10 years at Spencer Engineering building fishing boats and luxury yachts

He spent a further 18 months at Pipeweld and later Eglo Engineering, undertaking fabrication/welding on all forms of steels and other metals in pipework, vessel fabrication, structural work and general fabrication 

Alan has worked as a leading hand/supervisor and undertaken quality control work on numerous projects both in workshops and on-site including remote locations

Brett Kelly is the other director of Adelaide Fabrication Services and, like Alan, takes an active role in management, operations, sales and supervision at all levels

He has the dual responsibilities of General Manager and Quality Assurance Manager and is responsible for the operations of the Port Adelaide workshop

Brett completed a four year boilermaker/welder apprenticeship at Gitsham Transport and then undertook further studies at TAFE in welding and welding supervision

He has been a Responsible Welding Coordinator for many years

Brett worked for three years at Gilbarco as a welder and leading hand, including working on the Moomba-Adelaide gas pipeline, and spent a total of 10 years at Eglo Engineering/Transfield Industrial as a welder, then leading hand, then welding supervisor/quality controller

42 tonne heat exchanger

Adelaide Fabrication Services
fabricated this 42 tonne heat exchanger to AS 1210 for Zinifex


Origin LPG plant Alice Springs

Adelaide Fabrication Services carried out the refurbishment of the pressure piping in Origin Energy's LPG gas plant in Alice Springs